Zipping through the Dominican Republic

I always enjoy a good thrill, which is why every time I go to the Dominican Republic, I love going to Cap Cana’s Scape Park, one of my favorite spots in the DR. On my last visit, I took my good friend, George, and we were both up for some high-flying fun, so we went to check out their zip line course.

The zip course at Scape Park is part of a nature trail known as Zip Line Eco Adventure rather than just a series of lines you ride on. The lines are laid out in a way that has you gliding through a lot of beautiful scenery as you zip from one platform to another. In my opinion, this gets you a great two-for-one deal. Not only are you writing over some of the most breathtaking vegetation the Dominican has to offer, but you also have guides that offer you the details about the different plants you are seeing. On the trail, you also crossover an amazing hanging bridge and see several other surprises between the platforms. It’s a great adventure that any adventure lover should enjoy. This post is sponsored by the good people at

George and I have both been up lining before, so our guides didn’t need to coax us. The guides are all very professional. We simply had to just sit back, let go, and fly. Rushing through the Dominican jungle gave me a feeling like no other as I felt the wind rush over my skin and could see the sea not too far from us in the distance. Though my stomach dropped as I left each platform, once I was gliding through the air, it was surprisingly peaceful. It certainly met my need for adventure and for speed.

The entire adventure took George and I around two hours to complete. There is the trail and the eight line course. This is an adventure that I would highly recommend to anyone visiting the Dominican Republic.